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Australia Photo Gallery

Here is a collection of 339 photos from my 2006 trip to Australia. The photos were taken in Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, Cairns, Kuranda, Port Douglas (Great Barrier Reef), Cape Tribulation (Daintree Rainforest) and Sydney.

The gallery consists of a frame with thumbnail images down the left of the page and a reduced-resolution image corresponding to the selected thumbnail which is sized to fit a 768-pixel square area. Along with the reduced-resolution image is a link to the original, full-resolution image (six million pixels).

The thumbnails, even though they are small files, are numerous and can take awhile to load. In order to minimize this effect, I've divided the gallery into eight groups (by location visited): Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation, Cairns/Kuranda and Sydney. Use the Next Group / Previous Group arrow links to navigate.

Caution: The full-resolution images are approximately 6 MB in size (not for the dial-up user!).

Display the Gallery

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