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Who is DAVEWA, Anyway?

  DAVEWA, known in real life as David Wallace, is a middle-aged software developer and electrical engineer. At one time he was the ultimate geek. Now, I guess he'd have to describe himself as a recovering geek subject to frequent episodes of recividism.

He likes all things techie, the more arcane and complicated the better. He is a poor speller. (Aha -- you noticed!)

Whenever possible, he avoids any form of physical activity.  Otherwise, he's been known to walk for a couple of kilometers most weekdays and has occasionally been observed to actually climb a hill or two.  He considers himself to be in pretty good shape.  (After all, spherical is a pretty good shape.)

He is not well-traveled, having only visited five countries (including the one he lives in), but he has been as far north as latitude 47N, as far south as latitude 47S, as far west as longitude 160W and as far east as longitude 178E and as far up (not including aircraft) as 14,300 feet and down (not incluing submarines) as sea level.  He is fluent in English and can speak broken algebra with a smattering of calculus.  The only other languages he knows are for programming computers.

His hobbies include amateur radio (but is not on the air very often), electronic kit or home-brew construction, photography, astronomy, (most recently) 3D modeling, electronic music (especially as realized on analog modular synthesizers and computer-performed), recreational software development (Did I mention he's a geek?) and reading science fiction, which he's been doing for about fifty years now.  Other interests include stock-car racing (as a fan, not a participant) and he has a substantial collection of minerals (a few of which he mined himself before deciding that that activity involved something suspiciously similar to physical labor).

Thirty-five years ago he constructed his own 8080-based microcomputer out of a pile of parts and his own circuit design. Shortly thereafter he assembled a Heathkit H8 microcomputer kit and has spent the next thirty years trying to figure out if computers are fun toys or instruments of torture.

He has published several technical articles in obscure periodicals and holds six patents.  He has taught classes in electronic theory, using UNIX and programming in C and Python.

He plays guitar (badly) and keyboard (worse).  His musical tastes span a 200-year period centered about the year 1712 and a 1000 kilometer radius centered about Leipzig, Germany (though there are occasional anomalies in both time and space). 

He lives in suburban Massachusetts where he is owned by a cat who believes he's untrainable but seems willing to keep trying.

Warning: Don't ask him about Hawaii unless you have all day.

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